Hi Gliders!

Thought it was time to connect with you Gliders and let you know how things are going with the band. We are still three and are still on the trail for a singer, sax player, and keyboardist. It will take these three added musicians to round out the vision I've had for the music and where I would like to take it.

Not having those that we seek has not slowed us down though. We now have our first ten song CD under our belts self titled 'HIGHFLIER: an original song band' With the first 50 individually numbered 1-50 linking the CD with their jewel case inserts. I think we may be the only ones to do this but thought it a nice touch for anyone who receives one of the first 50 copies.

We still work hard on the songs every week and every time we do we add a little something extra. It has been great to see the music evolve and just get better. John (bass), and Joe (drums) are still excited about getting 'out there' to show audiences just what we do and how well we do it and we are sure we can hold our own as an original band competing for the stage. I've been actively knocking on some doors to get the ear of the venues where we would like to perform and it's nice to have the ball in someone elses court for a change.

Talk again soon, Gliders, and I'll let you know when and where we will be performing just as soon as we know.