Keeping That Prop Turning......

Hey, Gliders, thought I would tell you about a recent personal victory over what could have been a rather traumatic performance setback. About a month ago I experienced a pretty severe break in my thumbnail. Oh yeah, I know, who could care about something as ridiculously petty as a broken thumb nail? In order to put this into any kind of perspective I should tell you that I don't use any artificial picks when I perform. None. So I will play and practice with HIGHFLIER for hours relying soley on my fingernails. And if something could be construed as anything in the way of ridiculous about breaking a nail it would be the RIDICULOUS habit that I seem to have of breaking one right before an important engagement.

And when it's two it creates the biggerst AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH! you ever heard. Pretty serious too when my mood crashes into one of those moments when doing something I love becomes fairly ineffective. BUT! the good news is I was able to reshape what was left AAAAND nails re-grow and so, lucky for you, today I am back to my old cheery self. I even went in and did a short podcast interview at WMPG which is the University of Southern Maine's radio station. THAT'S how cheery I am! It was great to be there and as soon as the podcast airs I'll post a link.

Also, re-strung the twelve string yesterday and attended a recording session last night. Don't ever let anyone tell you that 12 strings can't hold their tuning. Few people play the darned things as it is. And probably no one who does would dare go into a studio only two hours after a restring one but I am not afraid ;-) That Taylor 355 is a great guitar! I did the guitar work and laid a vocal track on a song called "Caught Me Unaware" It may just appear on the next HIGHFLIER album now in the works but the song is also involved in a project all of its own. The idea is to use it as a test run for exploring HIGHFLIER's goal for where our sound is going.  More thoughts and news on that front next time.