Dust Off Those Goggles.....!!

WOW, Gliders,  your pilot has some great news. After some inquiry, the venue owner of Andy's Old Port Pub said since it was my show I could share the stage with whomever I wanted. Know what that means? It means that this coming Monday, Feb. 12th, HIGHFLIER will be cruising in typical formation with not only John Hoefnagels (co-pilot) on bass but also Joe "Da Monsta" (navigator) drumming on the flight deck!! So we will be flying full bore as a trio after all. And we can't wait. Estimated time of departure for the first set is promptly at 7:00 pm and all are welcome aboard. I mean c'mon, it's February, the middle of the winter and a Monday night to boot. The weather is going to be good for the puddle jumper into Portland and parking will be free. A perfect night to tell that ol' grounded, grouchy Groundhog a thing or two. Hope to see you there.