Taking To The Skies.....AGAIN!

Hey there! We have filed our flight plans and will be boarding the HIGHFLIER once more this coming Wednesday, March 21st. It will be the second time we have left the mooring mast, dropped the ballast, and set our heading to Andy's Old Port Pub. Flights in the winter are tough and here in Maine March is not much different than January but the 21st IS the official first day of Spring so what better way to celebrate the turning of the season than listening to good live music! 

We LOVE doing this and sharing the experience with our family and friends only makes the moment that much richer. So grab your flight jackets and help haul on the HIGHFLIER's mooring lines as we descend into the Old Port and tie down at Andy's. It looks like there will be a good tail wind so we should be starting on time at 7:00 pm and believe me the pilot, co-pilot, and navigator are ready.

Pay some close, special attention to John Hoefnagels on bass and Joe Napoleone on drums as these two great musicians provide their amazingly creative talents to HIGHFLIER's songs. Lisa Naseef will also be performing as a guest singer on a few songs so the evening is just going to be chocked full of surprises for you. So climb the HIGHFLIER'S gondola to celebrate Spring, and above all, like the crew, enjoy the RIDE!