Pilot's Log.......

Gotta say, the crew put in a fine performance during our scheduled stop at Andy's Old Port Pub last month! Those folks over there are the BEST! Met some new friends who now have some CD's and then HIGHFLIER had another smooth flight back to base. Lisa Naseef sang some songs and was very well received by members of the audience and she had a great time!

That brings me to what is going on currently........LOTS! We are clearing the tower once again for a repeat performance this Wednesday, April 25th, again at Andy's, and this time there are some nice surprises in store. Lisa will be coming back to sing and this time she will be performing all of the songs on HIGHFLIER's album. Also, later in the evening,  a guest performer will be there and will sing 6 original compositions two of which will be solo performances immediately followed by four more that HIGHFLIER will be backing him up on. His name is Tom and he's a fine songwriter that I'm sure you will enjoy hearing.

It will be a pretty cool evening with lots of different things, a little something to watch for and listen to for everyone. We are pretty excited about the whole thing and being able to present these other musicians and their talents. So the crew is busy getting the ol' HIGHFLIER prepped and ready and will be on time at 7:00 pm sharp. As an added little piece of 'inside' information we are currently working on our SECOND album which we hope to have ready for you in June. The ten songs we have chosen for it are now in the mixing stages and we will let you know more as we get closer to its completion. In the meantime see you at Andy's Old Port Pub